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A house with white paint and black exterior trim.

5 Examples of Houses with Black Exterior Trim

Trim is an important component for any home’s exterior. The trim frames in the primary color of the home, and it can either blend with the elements around it or provide contrast to make the color pop. The traditional color for exterior trim is white, and you can find white trim on just about any […]

A Popular Brick Look – Whitewash Brick Before And After Photos

Painting brick exteriors has become increasingly popular, and part of that trend is a process called whitewashing. While most homes are typically painted for full coverage, a whitewash is a thinned paint solution that is applied and then partially removed. This creates a faux-weathered look that is the best of both worlds – adding a […]

How much does it cost to paint a living room?

Your living room is the central meeting room in your home, and as such, it should feel and look inviting. A fresh coat of paint is the best way to refresh the room’s look. But how much does that cost? The cost to paint a living room varies depending on the size of the room, […]

Painting vs staining wood siding

If you have wood siding on your home in need of a refresh, you’re likely wondering if you should stain or paint the wood siding. That’s a fair question and one that has pros and cons on either side. Today we will break down the differences between painting vs staining wood siding so you can […]

What is backrolling paint?

If you’re interested in getting your home interior repainted, you have likely seen some videos of professional painters at work. you may have even seen some of them use a sprayer to apply paint and then follow up the spray application with a roller. Why do painters do that? This is a method called backrolling. […]