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benjamin moore ben ben vs regal select feature

Benjamin Moore Ben vs Regal Select

Benjamin Moore is one of the best paint manufacturers around, and many painters would argue they are the best. We’ll hold our judgment on that specific claim, but we can do our best to tell you which Benjamin Moore products are right for you and your home. Benjamin Moore Ben is the brand’s “entry-level” premium […]

What is the best sheen for exterior paint?

Choosing the best color for an exterior paint project can be tough enough, but how do you find the best sheen for exterior paint? Will a flat paint fail faster? Will a glossy finish look bad? These are questions that are hard to get clear answers to, and the wrong choice can have major consequences […]

What is a VOC?

If you do any amount of research into paint products, you will likely come across the term VOC. If you’re not entirely sure what that is, this blog post is for you. Today we will define what a VOC is and whether or not you should be worried about them during your paint project.  Recommended […]

The best exterior paints for homes in 2023

Finding the best exterior paint for your home is just as important as finding the right color. This decision determines how long your paint will last and what conditions it can stand up to. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are our recommendations for the best exterior paints for homes in 2023. Recommended […]

The power of a gift

With everything going on in the market we are dusting off some of our classic business development tools. Relationships matter! Nothing we do is really just a transaction no matter how much at times we want it to be or we try to systemize or automate the process. It still comes back to serving people […]