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A feature image showing the finished brick exterior painted white.

Brick Exterior Painting in Kokomo

We love showing off the work we do for our clients, and today we have an impressive brick exterior painting in Kokomo, Indiana. Let’s look at the before and after, and everything in between. 

The Before

The exterior of this home had never been painted before, and the entire exterior is built with brick. That means we would be painting this house all around and giving it a whole new look. That’s an exciting opportunity, and it means that the home will be radically different afterward. 

A lot of clients are also apprehensive because they have heard painting brick exteriors doesn’t work. Well, there are a lot of reasons why painting brick fails, but there are several preventative measures you can take to ensure the paint job lasts. 

We take all those precautions on our jobs, which we will discuss more in the After section.

Complimentary Color Rendering

The brick home that has been edited to show the new color over top of it.

After our consultants provided a free estimate and the client agreed to move forward, it was time to start talking about color. Heritage Custom Painting offers complimentary color rendering services to help clients visualize how their home will look. 

This client wanted something bright and fresh, so we rendered her home in Greek Villa. They loved the result, and that’s the color they selected for the paint process. 

The After

Painting a brick home isn’t like painting any other home exterior (like vinyl). You have to use a paint specially formulated for masonry. That’s because the lime and concrete used in the mortar (and the brick itself) have a high PH level. Basically, that means the mortar will burn through the paint, giving the paint an acid wash appearance if it doesn’t just peel off entirely. 

Masonry paint is designed to handle the PH levels in these materials, and therefore will last a lot longer than other paint products. 

For jobs like this, we prefer PPG’s Permanizer product because of its great UV protection and alkaline resistance (which makes it great for brick exteriors). It also has all the same protective qualities that other premium paints use. It’s always important to ask what paint your contractor is using.

And the results speak for themselves. The house underwent a dazzling transformation, and now the owner has a brilliant white home that will look that way for years to come. 

If you have a brick home and are curious about painting it, go ahead and fill out the form below for a free estimate. Our professional consultants can give you an accurate quote, and we can usually begin work within several weeks. Our exterior season is in full-swing, though, so reach out now to earn your spot on our 2022 calendar. 

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