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Two Paint brushes and a color chart against a white backdrop.

Can You Help Me Finalize My Exterior Color?


Shows the same Kokomo Indiana, house in three different states. The first state is the before Picture. The second state is the digital rendering. The last state is the final picture.
A digital rendering can help you choose colors.

By Kim Finney

So you’ve narrowed down your color choice(s), and you are starting to stress about that big final decision.  We get it, and it’s a choice you’re investing money into, and it’s going to be visible to everyone for a long time.  You want it to be something that you love and look fantastic.  How can Heritage Custom Painting help?

Digital rendering is one option.  A photo of your home will be taken and transformed to help visualize a ‘rough draft’ of what the color will look like on your home.  We say ‘rough draft’ because digital rendering is limited; electronic devices do not give an exact color when viewed. Also, if requesting more than one rendering idea, we suggest the colors NOT be similar; it will be hard to tell the difference.  Lastly, the quality of the photo, lighting, shadows, and other factors can reduce the accuracy of the render.

Okay, so you had the rendering and still aren’t sure 100% it is time to get some samples!  Physically viewing the paint on the exterior can be a huge help. In addition, you will be able to see the color variations during different lighting of the day.

The employees at Heritage Custom Painting are educated, helpful, and here to assist you as you pick the perfect color for your home in Fisher’s, Indiana, or anywhere else in Indiana. We will be with you through the entire process, and we are always available to answer questions. Best wishes in your paint color process!

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