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A brick exterior recently whitewashed.

A Popular Brick Look – Whitewash Brick Before And After Photos

Painting brick exteriors has become increasingly popular, and part of that trend is a process called whitewashing. While most homes are typically painted for full coverage, a whitewash is a thinned paint solution that is applied and then partially removed. This creates a faux-weathered look that is the best of both worlds – adding a […]

Painting vs staining wood siding

If you have wood siding on your home in need of a refresh, you’re likely wondering if you should stain or paint the wood siding. That’s a fair question and one that has pros and cons on either side. Today we will break down the differences between painting vs staining wood siding so you can […]

What is the best sheen for exterior paint?

Choosing the best color for an exterior paint project can be tough enough, but how do you find the best sheen for exterior paint? Will a flat paint fail faster? Will a glossy finish look bad? These are questions that are hard to get clear answers to, and the wrong choice can have major consequences […]

The best exterior paints for homes in 2023

Finding the best exterior paint for your home is just as important as finding the right color. This decision determines how long your paint will last and what conditions it can stand up to. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are our recommendations for the best exterior paints for homes in 2023. Recommended […]

The best paint colors for aluminum siding

Aluminum siding is an excellent siding material, and you can enhance it further with a new paint job. Aluminum siding needs to be updated occasionally to prevent chalking. Chalking happens when the paint on aluminum siding begins to oxidize, which appears as a chalky texture on the siding.  If your aluminum siding needs an update, […]