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A painter applying primer on an exterior surface.

What is Primer? – Everything You Need to Know

 If you’re repainting your home, you are probably wondering if you need to use primer paint. You may not even be sure what the difference between primer and regular paint is. Well, we’re here to help answer all your questions and explain why primer is so important in the painting process. Paint primer is a […]

Sherwin-Williams Emerald vs Cashmere

If you are repainting your home interior, you want to use the best product possible. Two of the most popular products from Sherwin-Williams are Cashmere and Emerald. Cashmere has a unique auto-leveling feature that makes it a great choice for DIYers with little painting experience. Emerald is one of the best products on the market […]

Benjamin Moore Aura vs Regal Select

Benjamin Moore makes excellent products, and Regal Select and Aura are their very best interior paints. However, which one is best for your home interior project? While Aura is the highest quality paint Benjamin Moore has, Regal Select hits the sweet spot on durability and price. Read more below as we compare the coverage, durability, […]

Benjamin Moore Ben vs Regal Select

Benjamin Moore is one of the best paint manufacturers around, and many painters would argue they are the best. We’ll hold our judgment on that specific claim, but we can do our best to tell you which Benjamin Moore products are right for you and your home. Benjamin Moore Ben is the brand’s “entry-level” premium […]

Sherwin Williams Emerald vs Benjamin Moore Aura

Benjamin Moore Aura and Sherwin Williams Emerald are the top-of-the-line products from these two brands. Both have incredible durability, excellent color retention, and coverage. However, which one is truly the best for you and your home? Today, we will compare these two premium products to get the answer.  Recommended reading: Sherwin Williams Emerald vs Benjamin […]