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Sherwin-Williams Emerald Satin Exterior House Paint Can

What is the difference between Satin and Matte?

By Nick Butler One of the biggest asks we get all the time is help with color.  Once we get through color, many homeowners think the end of decision-making has been met.  Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how you look at it), clients have another equally important decision that they must make.  The sheen of […]

Spring – Fresh new color for your home

Spring is Near Warmer weather is coming in the next few weeks. The fresh greens of grass and trees, and spring flowers blooming are welcome. Why not greet the season with a change and choose fresh and new paint color in your home? There are many ideas and tools you…

DIY or Professional Painter

What are the benefits of hiring a professional painter, rather than doing it yourself? Time would be one factor. Think about removing everything from your walls, moving furniture out of the way and laying cover for your flooring. Making repairs to dings, dents, holes…

Complementary Color Consulting

Picking a color can be a scary and daunting task! Here at Heritage Custom Painting (HCP) we believe the spaces you live in can effect your everyday mood. Color, accents, sheen, and many other aspects of our everyday spaces can boost and encourage us for productivity…