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The Color of the Year 2022

by Krista York

2021 is wrapping up and the holidays are just on the horizon. That means some of us are looking forward to next year and giving our homes a new look. If you enjoy following trends, you’re probably interested in what the color of the year is for all the top paint brands like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG. Well, you’re in luck, because these companies just announced their newest selections, and we will break them down one by one. 

The Color of the Year 2022

PPG Olive Sprig (PPG1125-4)

Olive Sprig is PPG's color of the year 2022.

The company website says it best: “an elegant, grounded, versatile and highly-adaptable grey-green. This color represents regrowth in a post-pandemic world and mimics nature’s resiliency.” Olive Sprig is meant to be paired with natural materials, but it works well with a number of different colors from PPG as well. 

The beauty of this color is its versatility. It’s a soothing color that would look great in a kitchen, master bedroom, or anywhere else in the house. If you find yourself longing for a return to nature or want a color that is soothing, Olive Sprig is an excellent choice. 

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog (SW 9130)

Evergreen Fog is Sherwin Williams' color of the year 2022.

Sherwin Williams calls it “the color of new beginnings.” It’s where gray meets green with a touch of blue. It pairs well with SW 7042 Shoji White, SW 7048 Urbane Bronze, SW 7036 Accessible Beige, SW 9107 Uber Umber, SW 9104 Woven Wicker, and SW 6368 Bakelite Gold. Together, it’s a nature-inspired palette that brings a sense of renewal. 

This color is available in all the major Sherwin Williams products, including SuperPaint, Duration, and Emerald

Benjamin Moore October Mist 1495

October Mist is Benjamin Moore's color of the year 2022.

According to Benjamin Moore, October Mist is, “A gently shaded sage that quietly anchors as it creates a canvas for self-expression through color”. It’s an earth tone that brings a beautiful touch of nature indoors. It pairs well with colors across most color schemes. In fact, Ben Moore has announced their 2022 color palette of the year, which suggests paints that are “taupe-ish”. If you’re wanting to encourage your individual expression through color, October Mist will not disappoint.

There’s Something Weird About These Colors

And you would be right for noticing that! All three major paint brands have landed on very similar gray-green hues for their color of the year. That’s the first time that has happened in history.

The past couple of years has had a major impact on all of us. It seems these companies were thinking the same thing when considering that. All of them cite renewal and returning to nature as reasons for selecting their color, and that’s obvious due to the colors they chose. 

What do you think of the colors of the year? Where do you imagine they look best in the home? Leave a comment down below to let us know. For more information on paint selection, check out our blog on why people choose white for their kitchen cabinets. Be sure to read our review for SuperPaint from Sherwin Williams, as well. 

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