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Examples of the Color of the Year 2024 selections

Color of the Year Roundup 2024 – PPG, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin-Williams

The top paint manufacturers have announced their Color of the Year picks for 2024. In 2022, the major brands picked very similar colors, and in 2023 they all went in wildly different directions. Looking ahead to 2024, two of the top brands have similar but distinctly different colors, while one stands out from them. Here are the color picks from Sherwin-Williams, PPG, and Benjamin Moore, as well as some of the thoughts our team had about them.

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Color of the Year for PPG, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams – UPWARD SW 6239

This color from Sherwin Williams is a soft blue with gray undertones. It’s a soft and relaxing color that is perfect if you want to make a space light and inviting. Sherwin-Williams recommends pairing it with a pastel color, but you can also pair it with darker colors like Gale Force or Tricorn Black to get some contrast. This color could go in any room, but we think it would look best in bedrooms or bathrooms because of the blue tone. It would also look great as an accent color against white walls.


Limitless is a warm light yellow hue, and it’s an interesting choice to say the least. According to PPG, it represents consumer preferences for “softer, lighter shades in everything from automobiles to architectural elements.” PPG also claims that Limitless can be used as a primary color or as an accent.

To be honest, we don’t really love this color. It’s hard to imagine where someone would place it in their home, and even if the color is trendy it seems like a color that will go out of style very quickly.

Benjamin Moore – Blue Nova 825

While its competitors went with lighter tones, Benjamin Moore opted for a darker color with Blue Nova. This mid-tone is a violet-blue that has a sophisticated and classy look. It pairs well with cream and beige colors, and it has almost a timeless appeal to it. However, we wouldn’t recommend painting a whole room in this color, but it could be a lovely accent.

This is our favorite color of the three. It seems to be the most functional, and the color will likely be appealing for years to come.

Should you go with one of the Color of the Year options?

That depends ultimately on what you want out of your space. If you like to be on the cutting edge of interior design and want to wow your friends, one of these colors may be a great pick. However, chasing trends like that will likely mean you are painting and repainting every few years (maybe even every year!)

You’ve heard some of our opinions on the colors, but we ultimately want to help you fall in love with your home again with whatever color you choose! We have a full-time color consultant that can also help you decide which color is best for your home, whether it’s the Color of the Year or not.

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