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All three color of the year options from PPG, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin-Williams painted in strips on the wall.

Comparing the Color of the Year 2023

Last year, we put the Color of the Year selections from PPG, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams on our test wall to see how they looked side-by-side. We decided to do the same thing this year, even though the companies went with radically different colors this time around. But even though the colors are radically different, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to learn from comparing them. Read below to see our thoughts when comparing the Color of the Year 2023 options. 

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Comparing the Color of the Year 2023

PPG Vining Ivy is the best color

Two strips of Vining Ivy, the PPG color of the year 2023.

Of all three colors, we think Vining Ivy looks the best. It’s a deep blue-green that would look great on an accent wall. Some of the team thinks it has beach house vibes, which means it’s quite calming and pleasant. We can’t really imagine painting a whole room in this color, but that certainly doesn’t mean you couldn’t. Vining Ivy would pair well with white or natural wood accents, which makes it a great option for kitchens too. 

Benjamin Moore has the best coverage

Our painter applying Benjamin Moore Regal Select on the wall.

As we mention in our reviews of Regal Select and Aura, Benjamin Moore has unmatched coverage. You can tell as soon as you open the can that the paint is notably thicker than the competition’s products. That thicker consistency leads to improved coverage, with our painter getting nearly full coverage in the first coat. 

It’s worth noting that you always want two coats of paint for maximum color and sheen, even if it does cover very well. However, you’ll still be using less paint with Benjamin Moore, which is nice given how expensive it is. 

Sherwin Williams Redend Point isn’t too red

Sherwin Williams Duration in front of a strip of Redend Poiint.

If you look at the website, Redend Point has a strong red undertone. It almost looks like clay. However, when we put it on the wall, the red was notably less prominent. The paint has an almost khaki quality to the color. The more neutral tone makes the color a lot more palatable (we weren’t fans of the color), and it also gives the color more use cases. 

However, it still isn’t all that appealing. 

Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush is hard to look at 

While we are pretty indifferent to Redend Point, our team really does not like Raspberry Blush. It definitely has a salmon quality once it’s on the wall, and it’s just kind of hard to look at. The color is so intense it’s hard to think of a good use case. 

We also found it to be pretty reflective. The wall across from the test strips and the ceiling above them has a few pink spots where the light bounces off the color. It’s really hard to find a scenario where this paint would be desirable. 

Sherwin Williams Emerald has the smoothest finish 

After the paint dried and cured for about a week, we ran our hands across the surface to test the finish. PPG’s products retained the original texture of the wall pretty well, but we felt like Benjamin Moore was notably rougher. Sherwin Williams’ products, particularly Emerald, had the smoothest and most appealing finish, though. 

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