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Complementary Color Consulting

Picking a color can be a scary and daunting task!

Here at Heritage Custom Painting (HCP) we believe the spaces you live in can effect your everyday mood. Color, accents, sheen, and many other aspects of our everyday spaces can boost and encourage us for productivity or relaxation depending on what we want to do in that space. That is why we believe it is so important to pick the RIGHT paint color, sheen or accent color for the spaces you are wanting to improve.

Painting your home is an investment of time and/or money so we want to insure that the color accomplishes what we want it to on the first attempt. That is why HCP provides Complementary Color Consultation (CCC) for all clients who accept our complimentary quotes.

No matter where you live Kokomo, Tipton, Westfield, Carmel or the Indianapolis area we will gladly send a professional color coordinator to your home or office to help select the best paint color for your space and for your peace of mind It is very important to see the color in the space with the lighting that is in there. Every room and light will cause a color to look slightly different. No matter the light you have in your space it will cause the color to read different so we will want to see it in each space. Many times the color swatch on a color wheel is to small for some people to get a good idea how the color may read so our professional team can assist by providing a large paint swatch (81/2″ x 11″).

Closely tied to color is the “sheen” selected for each space. Sheen is determined by how much light is reflexed from the surface it is painted. Sometimes people will select the right color but mess it all up with the wrong sheen. Our professional color coordinators will help select the right sheen for each application that will help with quality design and durability.

So don’t fret leave it up to the professionals at Heritage Custom Painting. Lets just say, “its on the house”.

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