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Heritage Helps 2022

This September, Heritage Custom Painting started a new endeavor called Heritage Helps. With this program, we aim to give back in a small way by donating our time, resources, and skillsets to local community members by repainting their homes. 

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This year’s winners were Dave and Annie Sluka, and a group of Heritage volunteers painted their home exterior over a few days. The paint was also donated by Sherwin Williams, so everything was free for the couple from beginning to end. 

You may be asking yourself “Why would you do this?” Well, it’s simple. Relationships are a core part of our company’s values, and those relationships don’t begin and end with client projects. We believe in giving back and investing in the communities we serve, and using our skills and talents to lift everyone up. 

Check out our Facebook post to see more about Heritage Helps.

We will be picking another lucky homeowner in 2023 for Heritage Helps. Could it be you?

If you are ready to get your home interior or exterior painted, fill out the form below to get a free estimate from Heritage Custom Painting. Our 2022 calendar is filling quickly, so secure your spot today and get your home read for the holidays.

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