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Why Is It Important to Power Wash The Exterior Before Painting?

Power washing the exterior is an important first step for any painting project. Thoroughly prepping the surface maximizes the effectiveness of any paint applied to the surface, and prep for exterior projects begins with the power wash. A power wash clears the surface of any dirt and debris, which allows the paint to properly adhere to the surface. 

In this post, we will break down why power washing is absolutely necessary to properly repaint a home exterior. 

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Why Should I Power Wash My Home Exterior? 

Power washing clears any and all debris off the surface before painting. If the debris is not cleared, the paint will not properly adhere to the surface, and it will result in peeling and flaking. In some circumstances, it can have disastrous results. 

What Happens If I Don’t?

We recently went out to a project that perfectly showcases the importance of power washing. The prior painter did not properly power wash the surface before painting. As a result, multiple areas of the paint job are bubbling out. Our crew could walk up and simply pull the paint off the surface. 

Our painter walking up and peeling paint off a poorly prepped surface.

Not only does it look terrible, but it means that the client’s investment isn’t going to stand the test of time. Not even a year later, this client has to have their entire home repainted. 

This is what happens when you don’t power wash a surface before painting. It should be obvious now that you can’t cut any corners in the painting process if you want the final product to last. 

At Heritage Custom Painting, we take prep work and properly caring for our clients seriously. That’s why all of our crews are properly trained to follow all of our procedures developed over decades of experience.

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