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Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

One thing that sets Heritage Custom Painting apart from the competition is our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have refined our process to generate consistent high-quality results, and we can back that with a guarantee. 

Today, we will discuss what that guarantee entails and how we deliver on it every single time. 

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What is Heritage’s 100% satisfaction guarantee?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and delivering consistent results for our clients. That’s why we have established a step-by-step checklist to ensure everything is up to our high standards. This checklist is filled out at the end of each project and signed off by the project manager and client to make sure everyone is satisfied at the end of the job. 

If the job does not meet the standards outlined in this checklist, our technicians will correct the errors until the job is properly done. 

Here is the checklist in full and a brief explanation of what each section means. 

The project is free of spills, overspray, or paint dribbles on all areas not scheduled for paint

Both we and the client only want paint on the areas that are supposed to have paint on them. In this step, we ensure there is no paint anywhere it doesn’t belong. We are able to prevent accidental spills and other paint splatters because of our thorough prep process

Surfaces are properly painted, i.e. free of foreign material, lumps, runs, sags, misses, or insufficient coverage

Every surface will be properly painted, as defined by the PCA (Painting Contractor’s Association). That means there will be no runs and the surface will look uniform. The surface will also be free of foreign materials, including carpet fibers, wood chips, and other debris. 

Paint lines are crisp and even

Our technicians are highly skilled, and as such will always have crisp and clean cuts along the edges of the surface. That means there will be no ceiling paint on the wall or vice versa. Every product and color will exist solely on the surface it’s meant to. 

All tape and masking material removed

As part of the teardown process, we will remove any tape and masking material. Our technicians use painter’s tape to make sure the paint does not pull up when the paint is removed. 

All trash/debris disposed of or removed from project site

We want to leave the project just as clean – if not cleaner – than when we arrived. As part of the teardown, the crews will remove any trash and debris created by the project as well as sweep the project area. 

All tools and equipment are removed from project site

The crew will load their van with any and all equipment and do a final sweep to make sure nothing is missed. 

Remaining paint for future touchup labeled and set aside for customer

At the end of the job, the crews will sticker any leftover paint and leave it in a safe spot like the garage. That way, if and when touch-ups need to happen, there is already a can of color-matched product available to use. 

This simple checklist is how we provide our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This checklist verifies the quality of our work and promises you will get a fresh paint job without any headaches. 

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