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Spring – Fresh new color for your home

Spring is Near
Warmer weather is coming in the next few weeks. The fresh greens of grass and trees, and spring flowers blooming are welcome. Why not greet the season with a change and choose fresh and new paint color in your home? There are many ideas and tools you can access online to inspire you in choosing a color scheme. Read on for one of those tools.

Choosing a New Paint Color
The classic 60-30-10 rule of three colors can add balance and depth to a room. This rule may also help you build a palette that can vary in shade and tone. Your main color would be in large anchor pieces and walls to comprise about 60% of the room. Consider your accent furniture, rugs, trim and textiles that would make up about 30% of the room. Artwork and smaller items make up the accent color of 10%. New wall color can make a drastic difference and freshen up existing colors. New paint is economical too. Give us a call at 317.385.1951 for your interior or exterior painting and we’ll be glad to help you welcome spring with a fresh or new paint color in your home. If you’re more interested in interior work, read more to learn how much it would cost to paint your living room in Fishers, Indiana.

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