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Stunning Interior Transformation in Carmel, Indiana

We love showing off some of our best work, and this interior painting project in Carmel, Indiana really highlights some of the extraordinary work our crews do. This job was a total interior redo, including a fresh coat of paint for the kitchen cabinets. Here’s a breakdown of some of the major aspects of the job and the stunning results.

Living Room

The living room was originally a dark green, which is certainly a sophisticated look for a home like this. However, the new color they chose (Sherwin Williams’ Modern Gray) really helps open the space up. It also makes it significantly brighter. 

Going with a white, beige, or greige (gray-beige like Modern Gray) also helps keep the space feeling fresh and clean. It’s a great color for bedrooms as well, and neutral tones like this are great if you plan on selling your home soon. Combine that with some minor repair and touch-up work our crews did on the fireplace, and the living room looks totally fresh and new. 

Just look at the before and after pictures to see what a transformative effect going greige can have. 

Entryway and Stairwell

The entryway and stairwell had a very similar story. Both were painted with the same forest green as the living room, and it didn’t show off how grandiose that area of the home truly is. Our crews went in and applied the same Modern Gray color, and the effects are immediate. The color shows off how truly open the area is, and the natural light from the windows reflects well off the walls helping to brighten it. 

Kitchen and Cabinets

The kitchen already had white cabinets that needed a new finish, but it was also a great chance to spray the kitchen island and other cabinets to unify the aesthetic of the room. For kitchen projects like this, we use Sherwin Williams Kem Aqua Plus, which is a KCMA-approved lacquer paint that gets exceptional hard. It’s ideal for kitchen cabinets because it withstands the bumps and knocks you would expect in the kitchen. 

The final result speaks for itself. The space is bright and feels clean, which is exactly what you want out of a kitchen. We also brightened up the walls with modern gray to create a uniform look between all the rooms. 

That’s just one of the many projects we have done in the greater Indianapolis area. If you’re looking for a painter near Carmel, go ahead and fill out our form below for a free estimate. Heritage Custom Painting works on interior, exterior, and kitchen cabinet projects, and our tried and true process will help you fall in love with your home again. 

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