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A picture of an office with the title card "best office paint colors"

The best office paint colors 

The interior design of your office matters. Everything from the lighting fixtures to the furniture contributes to the overall mood of the space. Balancing that in an office can be difficult, too. You want something that is friendly and inviting, but you also don’t want to pick a color that will be distracting. On the […]

Paint ideas for home offices 

Remote and hybrid work is the new normal for many workers, and as such many people now have dedicated home offices. However, a home office is not always conducive to productivity, at least not at first. It requires a little effort to recreate the space to help you get into “work mode.” A new paint […]

PPG Ultralast vs Benjamin Moore Aura

PPG Ultralast and Benjamin Moore Aura are the two top products from these two brands. Both are extremely durable and will keep their luster and shine for years. However, which one truly outranks the other? That’s what we will find out today as we compare these two products’ coverage, durability, and price.  Recommended reading: PPG […]

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

One thing that sets Heritage Custom Painting apart from the competition is our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have refined our process to generate consistent high-quality results, and we can back that with a guarantee.  Today, we will discuss what that guarantee entails and how we deliver on it every single time.  Recommended reading: What is […]

Heritage Custom Painting’s Best-in-Class Warranty

Warranties are essential regardless of what product or service you’re purchasing. They are especially important when buying services from contractors working on your home. A warranty guarantees the quality of the work, and Heritage Custom Painting offers a best-in-class warranty. We are confident in the products we use and the quality of our craftsmanship, and […]