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A brick exterior recently whitewashed.

A Popular Brick Look – Whitewash Brick Before And After Photos

Painting brick exteriors has become increasingly popular, and part of that trend is a process called whitewashing. While most homes are typically painted for full coverage, a whitewash is a thinned paint solution that is applied and then partially removed. This creates a faux-weathered look that is the best of both worlds – adding a […]

Brick Siding Pros and Cons

Everyone loves brick siding. It looks great and it can hold up against almost anything. Many people clamber for the opportunity to find a home with brick siding. However, not many people know that you can upgrade your home to have brick siding. While there are certainly brick homes that use brick as the support […]

3 Reasons Why Painted Brick Might Fail

Brick is a popular exterior siding option for homes. It has a classic appeal, it’s very durable, and it rarely requires any maintenance. However, not everyone is in love with the red or brown aesthetic of brick, so many people choose to get it painted. Painted brick exteriors look lovely and they can give your […]