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Carpentry repair to wood siding Zionsville Indiana

Can Heritage Custom Painting Do my Exterior Carpentry repairs in Zionsville Indiana?

: By Mike Plummer Many contributing factors lead to carpentry repairs during an exterior project in Zionsville Indiana. Typically factors such as weathering, constant exposure to moisture, and age contribute to the degradation of wood leading to either dry or wet rot.  The painter down the street may be fine with painting over bad wood; […]

Which Exterior paint is best for me?

How can I decide which is the best exterior paint for me? A quick look into using the quality, and life span of a product to decide which one works best for you.

How much does it cost to paint the exterior of my house in Carmel Indiana?

  By Jason Finney How much does it cost to paint the outside of my house in Carmel Indiana? There are a lot of things our project consultants consider when determining how much it will cost to paint your house. A modest two-story Carmel house can range anywhere from $3300 to over $6000 depending on […]