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An after image stain conversion with title super-imposed onto it.

Update your home with a stain conversion

By Ashleigh Bush This article originally appeared in Indy Real Producers. What are stain conversions? A stain conversion is when we transform stained wood into a painted surface. The best example of this is when our clients want to take their stained wood trim and turn it into freshly painted white trim to update the […]

Interior vs Exterior Paint – What’s the Difference?

Say you’ve recently had your house exterior painted, but you notice the interior trim can use some touching up. “No problem,” you think, “I can just use the leftover paint from the last guys.” So you go to the garage and get the paint, and there on the bottom of the can it says EXTERIOR […]

Sherwin Williams Emerald vs Superpaint

Today we will compare Sherwin Williams Emerald vs Superpaint. These are two of the highest quality products from Sherwin Williams. However, there are some notable differences between the two that you should know. We will look at the coverage, hide, durability, and price to determine which product is best for your home.  Recommended reading: Sherwin […]

What is a “properly painted surface?” – PCA standards explained

Heritage Custom Painting works to a professional standard established by the Painting Contractors Association (PCA). The PCA and its standards create a clear-cut guide for the industry. They also give customers a proper expectation for the quality of work.  This blog will be the first in a series of blogs discussing the PCA standards, starting […]

Heritage Custom Painting talks professionalism on WISH-TV 8

Jason Humrichous – founder and co-owner of Heritage Custom Painting, had another interview on WISH TV-8 this past week, this time on the Business, Equity, and Opportunity segment. He spent a good chunk of the segment talking about professionalism in the contracting world, and how Heritage is raising the bar on what to expect from […]