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Sherwin Williams Emerald, the best interior paint, on a countertop.

The Best Interior Paint for Your Home Projects in 2022

There are a ton of interior paints on the market, but which one is the best for your home? We have spent months testing and comparing products from PPG, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore, and we have put together a list of the best interior paints for homes. We tested the durability and coverage as well as factored in cost in our decisions. 

So, without further ado, here are the best interior paints you can get today. 

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The Best Interior Paint 2022

Best Overall: Sherwin Williams Emerald

Sherwin Williams Emerald on a table.


  • Exceptional Coverage
  • Durable 
  • Excellent Value


  • Coverage is great, but still not as good as its nearest competitors. 

The best interior paint you can buy today is Sherwin Williams Emerald. It has excellent coverage and is incredibly durable. It’s particularly capable at resisting burnishing from your fingers. The built-in mildew and mold resistance also make it a great option for bathrooms or other humid areas of the home. 

Emerald isn’t cheap, but it is still an incredible value. You can save even more by working with a contractor that gets special pricing on the product. 

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Runner-up: PPG Ultralast

PPG Ultralast on a table.


  • Excellent price for the quality
  • Great coverage
  • Incredibly durable 


  • Not quite as durable as Emerald
  • Strong odor when painting

PPG Ultralast is another stellar interior paint worth considering. It has better coverage than Emerald, though it isn’t quite as durable. However, the real appeal of Ultralast is the cost. At $70, it’s a bit of savings over Emerald, which makes it a great option for DIYers looking for a premium product. However, if you’re going with a contractor, Emerald is still ultimately the better choice because of the special pricing they receive. 

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Best Premium Interior Paint: Sherwin Williams Emerald

Sherwin Williams Emerald on a table.

You don’t need us to tell you why Sherwin Williams Emerald is in this spot. It won our best overall interior paint for a reason. You certainly pay a premium to get Sherwin Williams Emerald, but you get a paint that is durable and will keep its luster and color for well over a decade. It’s simply the paint to beat. 

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Runner-up: Benjamin Moore Aura

Benjamin Moore Aura on a table.



  • Expensive
  • The paint is quite loose

Benjamin Moore Aura is our runner-up, and it was a very close competition. In some ways, Benjamin Moore Aura outperforms Emerald, especially when you look at the durability. We felt the significant price difference between the two doesn’t justify the minor gains. However, if want to shell out for Benjamin Moore Aura, you’ll get a premium product that will hold its color for years. For the right person, it is well worth it. 

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Best Value: PPG Prominence

PPG Prominence on a table.


  • Excellent burnishing and stain resistance
  • Exceptional coverage
  • Premium features for a decent price


  • Prone to scuffing

If you’re looking for paint that strikes a balance between high-quality results and a decent price, PPG Prominence is the best option for you. The paint is very durable, covers exceptionally well, and is priced well below its competitors. It’s a no-brainer option and the best interior paint for a lot of people. 

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Runner-up: Benjamin Moore Ben

Benjamin Moore Ben against a white background.


  • Excellent coverage
  • Solid price, even for Benjamin Moore
  • Good durability


  • Paint is pretty loose, which can lead to messes

Benjamin Moore products are usually quite a bit more expensive than their competitors, but that isn’t the case with the retail price of Ben. That doesn’t mean this paint isn’t high-quality, though. It covers superbly and is plenty durable after the fact. It’s a great option for bedrooms or any home that needs every gallon of paint to go very far. 

The combined coverage and price per gallon of this paint make it a great value for anyone looking to maximize every can. 

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Best Coverage: Benjamin Moore Regal Select

Benjamin Moore Regal Select on a table.


  • Unparalleled coverage
  • Incredibly durable
  • Applies very well 


  • Expensive
  • Harder to find 

Regal Select has the best coverage of any we tested, and it has excellent durability. A gallon of Regal Select can cover up to 450 square feet, which puts it well above its competitors. It’s a great option for anywhere in your home, but it’s great for high-traffic areas in particular.

The hardest sell about this product is its price. It’s within striking distance of more premium products, and at that point, you might as well shell out for something better. However, if you can get a good discount on this paint it could be well worth it. 

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Runner-up: PPG Hi-Hide Ceramic Matte Finish


  • Great at hiding flaws on the surface
  • Harder, durable finish
  • Great coverage (obviously)


  • Prone to burnishing

Hi-Hide Ceramic Matte Finish has many great features, but its great coverage is one of the standout features. Combined with how the paint evens out on the surface, you have a paint that can cover the surface well and hide any flaws. Hi-Hide Ceramic Matte also becomes incredibly hard after it dries, making it very durable against bumps and knicks. However, it is more likely to burnish than its competitors. 

That being said, if coverage is your most important consideration in a paint then you’ll be more than pleased with Hi-Hide Ceramic Matte Finish.

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