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A closer look at the kitchen island with its white and beige colors and black countertop.

What Happens at the End of a Painting Job? 4 Things to Expect

By Jason Humrichous

After several long days of seeing your house undergo a complete transformation, the work you ordered is finally done. So what are the next steps? What are the final steps contractors follow at the end of a painting job? 

We want to make you feel comfortable, and we want you to understand our close-out process. That way there are no surprises for you when your project comes to a close. 

Here are the steps we take to close out your project.  

The 4 Phases at the End of a Painting Job

  • Phase 1: Inspection
  • Phase 2: Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Phase 3: Payment Process
  • Phase 4: Reviews & Referrals

The end of a painting job consists of four stages, including inspection, the customer satisfaction survey, payment process, and giving a review.

Phase 1: Inspection

When it’s time for a job to wrap up, final inspections ensue. The purpose of this is to make certain there are no mistakes or any missed spots. The Crew Leader and Project Manager will walk the house and do their inspections, making detailed lists, taking pictures, and maybe placing a piece of tape.

The Project Manager will schedule a walk-through with you to get your eyes on the final product. They will cover the entire scope of the project and answer any remaining questions you may have.    

“Many hands make light work,” they say, and “Many eyes help close out a project,” I say. Having multiple people perform the walk-through helps us ensure nothing is missed and your project is as perfect as it could possibly be.

Phase 2: Customer Satisfaction Survey

As painters, we are continually aiming to improve our craft. Growth is part of our core values, and a great way for us to learn is through hearing from our customers. 

That’s why each of our clients receives a paper survey at the end of a painting job. This is a direct way for you to tell us what you liked or disliked about our service. This survey is one of the main ways we learn and improve. 

Once you receive this survey, we really do appreciate you taking the time to fill it out and send it back to us. It helps if you tell us specific parts of the project we did well and the things we can improve on. 

Phase 3: Payment Process 

Once a job is complete, it’s time to collect the final payment. 

We try to make things as convenient as possible by offering multiple ways to pay including cash, check, and money order.

We also accept credit cards, but there may be up to a 3.5% convenience fee if that’s the way you choose to go. 

Phase 4: Reviews and Referrals

The last step for us is requesting a review from you on our Google and Facebook pages. As a small business, we put a huge focus on fostering trusting relationships with our clients. 

I continue to say, “We live and die on our referrals.” We can’t do this without your support.  When you leave a Google review, it makes it easier for others to find us and get the service they need. If you’re satisfied with our work, it’s a great way to help us. 

It doesn’t just end with Google, though. Be sure to tell your friends and family about us. Word of mouth referrals are just as important when it comes to finding new opportunities, and it’s what many people look for when hiring a painter.

The goal of our four-phased approach to closing a project is to produce a lifetime client. We want to treat you as a family member and friend from your first phone call to long after completing your project. 

I am humbled and honored to have served so many so well for so many years.  We can’t do it without you. 


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