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Can of Sherwin Williams Duration Paint Matte Finish

What is the best paint for my interior painting project?

Can of Sherwin Williams Duration Paint
Long-Lasting Interior Finish Paint. Washable.
A Can of Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint Matte Finish
Longest Lasting Interior Finish Paint. Washable, Scrubbable, Mildew Resistant.
A Can of Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Semi Gloss Finish
Cost-Effective Paint for Lasting Appearance.










What is the best paint for my interior painting project?

by Mike Plummer

Each paint option certainly has its benefits; however, the key is to align those benefits with the goals of your interior painting project. During every consultation, I always seek to know the “why” when it comes to clients’ desire to paint their home interior. Are you painting to sell? Are you looking to revitalize your interior? Identifying your “why” will assist you in determining the right paint option for you. Here are a few examples when each alternative makes the most sense:

With Emerald being the strongest and most durable paint option, I often recommend this route whenever there is a concern with high traffic areas that may be susceptible to wear and tear – especially when that wear and tear is the result of animals and/or children. Not only will the hard film project against nicks and dings, the washability will also assist in the longevity of your paint. If you are seeking to not paint your home interior for the next decade, then Emerald is the choice for you.
Amongst all three options, Duration is the most popular option. Typically if the concern for animals and children is not a factor, then this is an excellent choice that will provide long-lasting coverage for your home interior. Something I always look for during my consultations is the amount of direct sunlight that your walls and windows will be exposed to throughout the day. If there is a great deal of sunlight that penetrates your home, then that will naturally cause an increase in temperature, in which the flexibility of Duration may make more sense for your project.
There are two scenarios that I typically find where SuperPaint is the most fitting option. Scenario one arises when the prospective customer plans to sell their home within the next 1-2 years. Scenario two arises when the prospective customer has a desire to keep costs as low as possible. In both cases, SuperPaint is an excellent option for your home interior project.

If you’re more interested in an exterior project, read up on which exterior paint is best for you.

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