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What is the difference between Satin and Matte?

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By Nick Butler

One of the biggest asks we get all the time is help with color.  Once we get through color, many homeowners think the end of decision-making has been met.  Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how you look at it), clients have another equally important decision that they must make.  The sheen of the paint has to be chosen and can be equally as important.  The sheen you select can make or break the final appearance and performance of your project.  

Most clients know and have heard of a flat, semi-gloss, satin, matte, eggshell finish, etc., but sometimes do not understand how each will look once painted and on a surface. Therefore, we are going to concentrate on matte and satin today.  

Satin is lower lust than semi-gloss, and its appearance can change depending on how the light hits the surface.  Satin is great if you want to have a little sheen and liven up the color you choose.  This sheen will reflect a good amount of light and appear to be different in different lighting situations.   Paints in this category are warmer and provide a greater appearance of depth than flat and eggshell paints. 

Matte is a lower lust than satin.  It will reflect less light and, in turn, will hide more imperfections than satin making it a better choice if you have these imperfections in your space.  Matte will still create depth in a space, but without the shiny surface appearance.  

Satin and Matte are both great choices in the right situations.  When Heritage Custom Painting visits your space, we are happy to help you navigate and choose the best sheen for your space after seeing the space and talking through your specific needs

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