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This house with a dark roof has dark siding, white trim and black gutters.

Where do I start when trying to select an exterior color?

House in Cicero Indiana Exterior Painted House Light Blue with Black Roof
This Cicero home with a black roof was painted white.

By Kim Finney

Selecting the perfect color for any exterior can be stressful and overwhelming. So here’s some advice on how to get started.

Take your roof color into consideration first.  If you have a brown-colored roof, it may be a bit more complicated.  Sorry.  Brown roofs pair nicely with other tones of brown (tan, beige, greige, etc.).  Creams, greens, and some blues are sometimes a good choice as well.  Remember, brown roofs look best with a harmonious color scheme.  If your roof is black, your options are endless.  White is always a classic choice with a black roof.  Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW7008 is a popular shade.  Dark grays paired with a white trim give a beautiful contrast with a black roof.

Does your exterior also have brick?  If you are not painting this brick, look for a color in the brick to match.  Some bricks have multiple colors when you look close.  Pay attention to the color of your mortar as well.  You’d be surprised how changing your siding color to coordinate with your brick color will change the appearance of your brick.  We like to say, “try to pull a color in your brick onto your siding.”

Trimming out the house in a second color that’s lighter or darker can give a home a nice contrast.  Don’t feel like you have to keep the classic white trim.

If your trim and siding will all be the same color, consider a fun, bold color for the front door to give it some curb appeal.

Research!  Use Google, Pinterest, or our online photos, to get inspiration.  Take notes.  Check out similar homes in the neighborhood for ideas. You can also read our post all about exterior paints.

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