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Heritage Custom Painting offers a stellar three-year warranty for our clients. That already makes our warranty one of the best in the industry, but we’ve decided to take it one step further. We now offer the TAG Warranty, and it will allow us to help our clients in a whole new way.

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What is the TAG Warranty?

The TAG Warranty is the name for our extended warranty program. Clients in the TAG warranty program will receive a visit from our staff warranty inspector one year after project completion. The inspector will explore the project to find any problem areas and fix those issues.

The inspector then provides a written report (complete with pictures) on any problem areas the home has. If the repair is simple enough, the inspector will address the issue there on the spot. 

If the problem is larger than a day’s work, they will schedule a time to return and dedicate the proper amount of time to the issue.

After the inspector has completed their work, the client can then renew their TAG Warranty for another year.

How do you sign up for the TAG Warranty?

The TAG Warranty can be added on at any time during the process prior to completion of the project. Doing so future proof’s your investment and allows Heritage to care for your project for years to come with no added stress on your end.

Who is the TAG Warranty for?

The TAG Warranty is for new and returning residential exterior clients. If you are a commercial client interested in something similar, be sure to check out our Capital Maintenance Program.

If you’re ready to get exterior painting done, have Heritage Custom Painting give you a free quote. Our knowledgeable staff can provide a detailed and accurate quote showing you the price difference between multiple products. We also have color consulting services that will help you find the right color for your home. Fill out the form below today and fall in love with your home again!

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